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7" yellow vinyl. Part of 7777777 single series.

Seven Sevens


TILT THE CROWN // Must’ve started something / Must’ve started ooh / You my friend you my friend yeah / Forty quarter parade / breaking down in the shade / Yeah they like it rough / to tilt the crown again / all right / it’s time to blow the light / on Jefferson Way / seven second delay

WHAT IT IS // Let me tell you what it is / so brought up / that a certain someone's certainty is gone / and instead / all the glory bumps you hit / take you out some / go ahead / get another secret number to collect the kids and ride / hey the truck is almost full / and again we knock the darkness out with broken hands / it's a fact, that everyone suspects / and they know it / and in fact we're an accident of what they had / of what they had in mind / We’ll be caving in all night / In our northern satellite / We dance around on broken bottles / scatter when they hit those flashing lights / We were hiding all the maps / and dodging all the traps / crashing through cold alleyways / the reservoir--we threw it in at last