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10" vinyl in poster sleeve
Edition of 300 [OUT OF PRINT]

Strangled Days

  • 1. Queen Turner
  • 2. Under Rays
  • 3. Take It Or Leave It
  • 4. Cover Rights


QUEEN TURNER. Where I lived it was clean / divide by three / don't slow it down / just point it towards the rectory / rotting trees lined the streets / rotting leaves pined for feet / the ghost, the height, the hi-beams / followed fast, mistake me / scattered beggars / gone but not away / strangled days lay in waste / by the banks the lakes are turned aside / they wait and hide for higher stakes / i was green but not gone / i was sick but not wrong / i felt a breeze confuse the trees before it moved along / scattered beggars / gone but not away

UNDER RAYS. in the morning it's all white and gray / it's all wrapped in cotton under rays / through the window frame / the branch you left from trembling / always travel with no cash or case / when desire strikes you pull up the stakes / and in your wake / conversations sputtering / everything is equal / tell me something i don't know / a bower better left uncrated / nothing left to show / out the doorway and it's in my head / when the things i crave are the things i dread / and in their stead / the roof the shed remain / cold and slightly empty / we don't do much ourselves / i'm in the line and in the line i wait for it / but i'm pulling down the shelves / when you're humming along the street / and the headlights shine do you stop and think / that it's all so cheap / when everything is everything

TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. i'm standing on the quay /but you ain't running away / on any other day / i'd see it coming to stay / the waves beneath my feet don't / the ship it sinks it's sprung a leak / we're leaving i'm waiting for my train / but it ain't coming / not today / try but they abstain / for three days running / from all of this and all of that / the kids along the street compete / concrete beneath my feet so sweet believe it / throw candy in the streets / and hope they eat / singing foreign anthems / they've been handed / to be abandoned / we head up to the lake / we're on the make / we'll lay the bait / they'll take or leave it

COVER RIGHTS. on another day i could make you turn around / and your clothes along the floor / have never said any more / if we're binding by it / cover rights could take us down / this time / i could build a marble monument / to getting what you want / but with the barter boys all burning clean / i lost the plot and blew it out / it's what i wanted / and what i wanted / is what i wanted / when you walked away / all the walls were shaking down / and the people at the door / have never seen it before / if we're binding by it / cover rights could take us down / this time / we could build a wire monument / to hating what you want / cause when the golden girls start stealing things / it makes you try to go without / its what i wanted / and what i wanted / is what i wanted / and we sang da da da