Euro tour dates!

Hello friends—

Here at Eux Autres’ secret lair buried deep in Mount Bernal, perpetually enshrouded in a fog bank, guarded by a geriatric beagle and a high-fiving labrador, we have been crafting a most elaborate plan.

And now, the time has come to reveal it.

We are going far away from home. Another continent entirely. And we depart very, very soon.

For three weeks, we will defy nature as we survive on chips, Malteasers, fusilli, and chianti and maybe, if we’re lucky, the odd brioche.

Which is a very long way of saying, we will be touring the UK and Europe, playing a bunch of shows, including two glorious popfests.

We are so very excited. Please come say hi if we’re coming to your town. We can’t wait to meet you.

The dates:
2/26/11 : London, ENGLAND @ 100 Club (LONDON POPFEST)
2/28/11 : Cardiff, WALES @ Undertone (w/ Standard Fare, Them Squirrels, The Jelas)
3/2/11 : Birmingham, ENGLAND @ Island Bar (w/ Fox, The Sweet Nothings)
3/3/11 : Cambridge, ENGLAND @ The Cornerhouse (w/ Betty & the Werewolves)
3/5/11 : Glasgow, SCOTLAND @ The Flying Duck (w/ Hardy Boys)
3/9/11 : Leeds, ENGLAND @ Baby Jupiter
3/10/11 : Manchester, ENGLAND @ The Deaf Institute (w/ Vinny Peculiar, Help Stamp Out Loneliness, The State Broadcasters, DJ Mike Joyce)
3/13/11 : Paris, FRANCE @ Oliver Peel
3/16/11 : Osimo, ITALY @ Loop
3/17/11 : Cesena, ITALY @ Lego Cafe
3/18/11 : Rome, ITALY @ Roma Popfest
3/19/11 : Varese, ITALY @ Twiggy
3/20/11 : Carpi (MO), ITALY @ Mattatoio


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