“Sun Is Sunk” Pre-Order!!!

February 28, 2012 we will release our new EP, Sun is Sunk. It’s a compact set of garage pop that we hope you’ll love. We’re super excited about this group of songs. Maybe you’ve heard the first single, “Right Again” circulating on the worldwide web. If not, give it a listen over on the right side of the page.

Sun Is Sunk will be available on 12″ vinyl (with downloads of course), CD, and digital.

And we’ve created a pre-order prize to accompany the first physical pre-orders: an incredibly stylish limited edition enamel lapel pin featuring our new buffalo mascot. All orders through February 28 will also receive an extra digi-EP of a live, acoustic radio set we played in Munich.

Place an order, or give a listen here.

February can be awfully dark. We hope Sun Is Sunk will keep you nice and warm and get you revved up for spring.

Here are some photos of the packaging. Pics of the pins will go up as soon as we have them back from the manufacturer.


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