Editor’s note:
I have missed two major events in my documentation. I feel compelled to address them now.

1) On the way to Austin TX, one Yoshi Nakamoto was pulled over by the Texas State Highway Patrol for driving the unfathomable speed of 85. Yoshi was nonplussed; he got out of the car calmly, radiating the Zen friendliness that is his trademark. The patrolman asked exactly why he was speeding. Yoshi explained that we were a very tired rock band trying to get to a hotel room ASAP. And plus, Texas’ daylight/nighttime dual speedlimits had confused our drummer–California has only a single speed limit. The patrolman was surprised and intrigued by this cultural difference. He then asked Yoshi the name of the band and where we were playing next. Then he let Yoshi off with a warning ticket. As he was released, Yoshi turned to the officer and said, “Yeah, well I’ve got a warning for you: Come to Austin and we’ll rock your ass!”*
*Almost all of this story is true.

2) A poet named Thax approached us at the Mohawk and told us that he has spent the last several years writing poems for his favorite bands and then reading them onstage as an introduction. He had seen us years ago in Chicago and specifically sought us out in Austin to write and perform a poem for us. He read it onstage before we played, and it was beautiful. I watched Thax jam out for the whole show. What an honor.

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  1. I saw Thax read a poem before Balmorhea at a chapel during sxsw. powerful stuff!


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