The Good Life

8/25/10 – Omaha, NE

I go for a run in the neighborhood and then meet my mom on the trail. As we’re walking home, we pass a bootmaker called Dehner boots. I’ve had my eye on this company for years, but never realized their factory was blocks from my mom’s house.

We walk into the office and an older gentleman dressed like one of the British Raj greets us. He suggests that he take my measurements just in case I decide to order boots someday. One of his associates interrupts us, saying that the gentleman needs to get going for his cardiologist appt. The man waves him off keeps measuring, then offers us a tour of the factory. Behind the scenes, ten people are hand-sewing custom boots. It smells wonderfully like leather. I spot a mirrored plaque that reads, “Kissing a man without a mustache is like eating an egg without salt.” Of course, the courtly proprietor has a white mustache.

Nathan and Yoshi and I hit some thrift stores and my favorite, Second Chance Antiques, then we all convene at Ted and Wally’s ice cream parlor for a malted. Malts are hard to come by in some regions of the US, which is a crying shame.

That afternoon, Mom makes us a Nebraska feast–cucumber salad, slaw, baked beans, barbeque ribs, and peach pie. My dad brings some good tequila. We go to the venue stuffed. And a little tequila-d, to boot.

The Waiting Room is by far the nicest club we’ve been in on this tour. The bartender turns out to be a friend of mine from junior high. All our friends and family come out and we have a great show.

My mom stays til the last second. Who knew she was built for this life?


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