The Last Word

8/28/10 – San Francisco, CA

A parting interview with my bandmates:

What was your favorite non-playing moment of the tour?
YOSHI: Family time in Omaha and Coopersburg. I found some peace in those two places.
NICK: Omaha, for sure.
NATHAN: Trying new foods (18 yrs of vegetarianism down the drain with a steak, ribs, and a bacon chicken sandwich)

What was your favorite moment on stage?
YOSHI: Playing “Cover Rights” , our last song of the tour in Denver.
And wanting to play it again the next day. Not wanting the tour to end because we are at the height of our performing power.
NICK: The World Cup Fever request in Boston.
NATHAN: The perfect lighting at Bruar Falls

What routine from home did you miss the most?
YOSHI: Communicating with loved ones regularly.
NICK: Sleeping.
NATHAN: Tennis, eating organic, and other things I can’t mention…

If you had to move to a city that we visited on tour, where would it be?
YOSHI: I like where my home is too much at this moment.
NATHAN: Brooklyn

If you had to name our tour vehicle, what would you name it and why?
YOSHI: The Arby. That word is the smoke on the walls.
NICK: Dolores.
NATHAN: The Olive. It looks like an olive, and I feel like I just spent a month living in a pit.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you wake up tomorrow in
your own bed?

YOSHI: Take a nap.
NICK: Watch some premier league soccer.
NATHAN: Go to work :(**

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  1. Damn it. Just checked up on you guys today after a long time of procrastination, and you played a show here yesterday.

    Love you guys.


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