Chez Slick Willie

8/11/10 – Hot Springs

When we arrive in Hot Springs (Home of Bill Clinton!), we can’t believe how cute it is. We’re playing a club called Maxine’s, which is a former brothel owned but a couple from LA, Kevin and Agnes. They feed us and keep us hydrated, and generally make us feel incredibly welcome. After the show, during which they sit in the front row, Kevin and Agnes tell us they have missed only 2 shows at their club in the last year and a half. So impressive–they obviously really, really care about the music they host.

The town is packed full of 1920’s era bath houses made to host people wanting to partake of the hot springs. We stay in a great old spa hotel. Yoshi and I have designs to go get massages and mineral baths the next day, but like most plans on tour, they fall apart.


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