We hit the road this Friday!

We are about to hit the road for three glorious weeks. Dates are listed below.

Ah, the road! Where showers are as rare as a Honus Wagner baseball card. Where sleep is as precious as unicorn tears. Where vegetables are as elusive as the Giant Squid.

Ah, the road! Like Steinbeck, Kerouac and Pee Wee Herman we take to the winding byways of this great nation, seeking a kaleidoscopic derangement of the senses.

Ah, the road! Where we’ll make new friends, learn life lessons, and write inarticulate postcards that we never send.

Of course we’ll be tour blogging, as always. Tune in here for daily sibling fight tallies, nutritional reports, intelligence leaks, brewing scandals, and more.

We can’t wait to see you all!


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