Vacation Already


Before I even have my coffee, Nick makes fun of me for filming everything on my flipcam. Which I thought I purchased in order to film everything. But evidently, I was supposed to do some sort of art project with it. I keep filming anyway.

We arrive at our great friend’s house in Valley Center, California. It’s set back in the hills, surrounded by fruit trees. It looks like Tuscany around here.

It’s only 2 PM and there’s plenty of time for naps and wine, or both.

Our friends Sara and Gabby make a great dinner and we drive to El Cajon for our show. We are the first people at the club and Nirvana is playing on the sound system, which is really encouraging in a weird way, reminding me that music totally matters. Nick and Yoshi and Nathan battle it out on the club’s (free!) Streetfighter game as we wait to take the stage.

We play a great set and make it through a song we’ve never played live–I’m so thrilled that I clap for us and jump up and down. Then, I think to myself that that must be pretty stupid looking. But then I remember that recently in SF, I saw the amazing tambourine player from Candy Claws applauding for her own band after every song, and it was quite an endearing pendulum swing from the indifference some bands project. It says, not only do I totally care if you like us, but hey, I really like us too!

After we load out, we’re standing around in front of the club talking to Birds and Batteries after the show and all of a sudden an egg explodes on our car. There are about 30 people out there with us staring at the egg dripping down my car and muttering things like, whoa, bummer. But I’m actually pretty excited by it; egging is such an anachronism. Our first review of the tour.

We hit a drive-thru on the way back to Valley Center. Nathan, who is always trying to avoid the magnetic pull of meals in paper bags, eats some fries and says, “Hey. This isn’t so bad. I guess I was wrong about fast food.”

As we pull up to the house, we see a baby coyote trotting along in front of our car. He is the size of my pet beagle and he keeps looking back at us worriedly. Our headlights sweep across a hill exploding with scattering rabbits, and we know that as we sleep soundly, nature will be having her way just outside our windows.