Record pressing, etc.

Lots of things going on, so I thought I’d post a little update…

Recording went really well and we’ve got three new songs on tape. These three songs, along with another new one from a session last fall, will appear on a 7” EP being released by Where It’s At Is Where You Are Records in the UK this summer.

But before that, we’ve got a 7” coming out on May 5. The a-side is called “You’re Alight” with a song called “A Band Undone” on the b-side. The wonderful Yellow Owl Workshop is hard at work on the sleeves, and they look amazing—hand-screened sleeves with clear vinyl. We’re working on a special pre-order package, so watch this space for more info in the coming weeks.

We’ve got shows confirmed for NYC Popfest (5/16 @ The Bell House), SF Popfest (5/24 @ Café Du Nord), and Indietracks (7/24-26 in Derbyshire, England). We’re in the process of setting up some more shows in the UK around Indietracks.

I picked up a new lomography (lomographic?) camera and took some pictures when we were recording in March. See below (more at Flickr)

Hello world

Allow us to clear our throats. This is the beginning of a new era of Eux-ness. We have doubled. Eux Autres are now four. Yoshi has joined us on drums, and Nevada has rejoined us on keyboards. We couldn’t be happier about this. In celebration of this new incarnation, we are…

Pressing things.
A new 7″ is at the plant. It will be a beautiful object. Clear vinyl, silkscreened jacket by Yellow Owl Workshop. Two brand new songs with the new lineup, orderable soon. Pre-orders will get an extra special something from us.

Covering things.
We have a new song coming out on a compilation from Where You Are is Where It’s At Records. The comp is a 2-disc ode to the poet laureate of Americana, aka The Boss. Besides being an incredible performer and one of the most important songwriters of the last century, his work always intrigued me because he wrote a song, “Nebraska” about Charles Starkweather, the serial killer. Starkweather also happened to be both of my parents’ garbage man in Lincoln, Nebraska, when they were kids. Spookiness.

For the Springsteen compilation, we chose to cover “My Love Will Not Let You Down,” a song that walks the delicate line between bravado and desperation. The track was supposed to be on Born in the USA, but it got cut from the album and has only shown up on live recordings and a B-side collection.

Other bands on the comp include Glam Chops (Eddie Argos from Art Brut), Darren Hayman, and Help Stamp Out Loneliness. We’ve got our song streaming on myspace, so go check out.

Recording things.
This weekend (March 8th/9th) we’re recording again with Jason Quever (Papercuts…great new album out soon, btw) in SF. The songs are a little darker, which is what the doctor ordered–it’s been a long winter, at least on my side of the country.

May as well make some music to keep warm with.

Look for these and our last October’s session on an EP of new Eux Autres goodness this summer.

Scheduling things.
We’ve confirmed for both the San Francisco (May 21-24) and NYC  (May 14-17) popfests and are currently putting together a UK/Europe tour, including a stop at Indietracks in July. Give us a shout if you want us to come to your town and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Glad to be back with a new site, a new lineup, and new news.

Thanks for listening.