Supersize Us


TOUR INDEX – August 8, 2010

Average number of medium-sized servings of french fries consumed per band member at 2AM: 1.25

Consecutive days Bon Jovi’s tour epic “Wanted Dead or Alive” played on radio, reminding us that “sometimes when you’re alone all you do is think”: 2

Inadvertent off-roading incidents: 1

Giant cockroaches spotted outside of Arby’s, Casa Grande, AZ: 5

Birds and Batteries live sets viewed since 11PM yesterday: 3, all well worth it.

Times an hour the car topper keys temporarily vanished: 0.5

Disembodied mannequin heads in the window of Wig-O-Rama, Tucson, AZ: 31 female, 1 green-skinned male