Euro tour dates!

Hello friends—

Here at Eux Autres’ secret lair buried deep in Mount Bernal, perpetually enshrouded in a fog bank, guarded by a geriatric beagle and a high-fiving labrador, we have been crafting a most elaborate plan.

And now, the time has come to reveal it.

We are going far away from home. Another continent entirely. And we depart very, very soon.

For three weeks, we will defy nature as we survive on chips, Malteasers, fusilli, and chianti and maybe, if we’re lucky, the odd brioche.

Which is a very long way of saying, we will be touring the UK and Europe, playing a bunch of shows, including two glorious popfests.

We are so very excited. Please come say hi if we’re coming to your town. We can’t wait to meet you.

The dates:
2/26/11 : London, ENGLAND @ 100 Club (LONDON POPFEST)
2/28/11 : Cardiff, WALES @ Undertone (w/ Standard Fare, Them Squirrels, The Jelas)
3/2/11 : Birmingham, ENGLAND @ Island Bar (w/ Fox, The Sweet Nothings)
3/3/11 : Cambridge, ENGLAND @ The Cornerhouse (w/ Betty & the Werewolves)
3/5/11 : Glasgow, SCOTLAND @ The Flying Duck (w/ Hardy Boys)
3/9/11 : Leeds, ENGLAND @ Baby Jupiter
3/10/11 : Manchester, ENGLAND @ The Deaf Institute (w/ Vinny Peculiar, Help Stamp Out Loneliness, The State Broadcasters, DJ Mike Joyce)
3/13/11 : Paris, FRANCE @ Oliver Peel
3/16/11 : Osimo, ITALY @ Loop
3/17/11 : Cesena, ITALY @ Lego Cafe
3/18/11 : Rome, ITALY @ Roma Popfest
3/19/11 : Varese, ITALY @ Twiggy
3/20/11 : Carpi (MO), ITALY @ Mattatoio

Broken Bow CD/LP out today!!!

We are very excited to announce that our new album, Broken Bow, is out today! CDs and LPs are available in the shop, and digital copies can be found at, or any of your favorite online retailers. If you’re in the UK or Europe, you can pick up a copy through

Thanks to everyone who came out to our recent west coast gigs. We had a great time! We’ll be announcing some UK/Euro dates in the new year…

Hope everyone in the States has a great holiday weekend.


Broken Bow CD/LP pre-order

UPDATE (11/23): The record is officially out today! Pre-order is over. Head to the shop if you’d like to order a copy.

We’re very excited to present our new album, Broken Bow! The CD/LP will hit the streets on November 23, but you can order yours now. To sweeten the deal, the first pre-orders receive a very special Eux Autres tote bag. Who doesn’t love tote bags?

Order yours soon…the pre-order freebies went very quickly last time. As usual, all vinyl copies come with download codes for mp3s of the songs.

Check out all the artwork below. And then go check out the track “Go Dancing” streaming online.

The Last Word

8/28/10 – San Francisco, CA

A parting interview with my bandmates:

What was your favorite non-playing moment of the tour?
YOSHI: Family time in Omaha and Coopersburg. I found some peace in those two places.
NICK: Omaha, for sure.
NATHAN: Trying new foods (18 yrs of vegetarianism down the drain with a steak, ribs, and a bacon chicken sandwich)

What was your favorite moment on stage?
YOSHI: Playing “Cover Rights” , our last song of the tour in Denver.
And wanting to play it again the next day. Not wanting the tour to end because we are at the height of our performing power.
NICK: The World Cup Fever request in Boston.
NATHAN: The perfect lighting at Bruar Falls Read more


8/26/10 – Denver, CO

We make the epic drive to Denver for our final show. At some point, I realize, holy shit, we’re going to make it through this.

We permit ourselves several dawdling stops, including Gothenburg, Nebraska, where we all buy souvenirs at an old Pony Express station. Last summer, we played Gothenburg Sweden, and now we realize that this town was actually founded by Swedes, in honor of their hometown.

We’ve grown a little quieter around each other, realizing our separation is imminent. Real life means lots of comforts, but it also means contemplating things we’ve shoved into the dark corners of our minds for the last three weeks. Money, work, dishes, taxes–the list is endless.

The folks in Denver are just lovely. The final band, Hindershot (containing two ex-Nebraskans!), is having so much fun onstage I swear we could all leave and they’d just keep playing. It’s a rare quality in a band. I suppose it helps that the music is great.

My battered keyboard stand, which was being held together by a wedged-in Allen wrench, gets abandoned at a dumpster. It is our final farewell. It feels like a viking funeral, watching that spindly thing recede as we drive away.

Hahvahd Yahd

8/19/10 – Boston, MA

After eating our hard-won pizza a little too fast, we head out for Boston, saying goodbye to Alice. The drive is unevenful, like a good drive should actually be.

We load into the club, Great Scott, which feels so distinctly Boston. It turns out a fairy godfather named Michael has prepurchased 8 drinks for the band and already paid the tip. The bartender tells us this has never happened before. We are thrilled.

It’s another fantastic bill, and I meet some great people. A fan from Portland who’s been trying to catch us for years and Jon Bernhardt, who will be hosting us for a radio session the next morning.

The show is so fun, the crowd so enthusiastic, it tops Brooklyn. It’s a wonderful feeling to think you’d already peaked and then to have something even better happen. Chez our friend The Darkness, I meet two adorable dogs who snuggle me to sleep. Life is good.