You Can’t Always Get What You Want

8/14/10 – Athens Popfest

The soles of my vintage shoes have come apart in the Southern heat, so we spend a few hours vintage shopping in hopes of finding a replacement pair. I now have only sneakers and roper-style cowboy boots (in reference to which an audience member in Arkansas had told me I looked sharp [insert pause] from the knees up). But there are no shoes to be had today.

We have slept til noon, leaving not much space in the day left for gallavanting. We go back to Alyssa’s and relax and wait for load in. I’m very nervous because we will be sharing a bill with Mission of Burma. To calm myself, I try to meditate. Then i try doing little affirmations: “You will be great, you will be great.”

On stage, things are not great. Not great at all. Nick’s pedal cuts out about 90 seconds into the set, leaving us guitarless for half of our first song. I feel the room spin as we all try to telepathically decide whether to stop the song or power through. Yoshi’s kick drum is escaping him, scooting forward a foot or more, making it extremely difficult for him to play. We struggle through the first few songs, shaken by the technical difficulties. But we make it through our set and when we finish, some people in the front row yell for us to play more songs. Of all the shows on our tour, this was the most important to me–and a whole lot went wrong. I take some deep breaths backstage. We all stare at each other, still rattled. This is why drinks were invented. I go get one and resolve to enjoy myself. It works. By the time Mission of Burma take the stage, we are all smiling and singing along. They are amazing, so powerful, and we remember how very lucky we are. Lucky to be here. Lucky to see this. Lucky to have found each other.


I have created a tagline for tour.


I understand that the world at large will likely fail to appreciate the wondrous depth and subtlety of this phrase. How it applies on so many levels, speaking both to the observer (As in, where are all the groupies? The blow? The green M&Ms?) and also speaking to the band itself (as in, we were sure that City A would be a mediocre show and City B would be amazing–and we were wrong on both counts.) The line reminds us that we can neither predict or control what transpires on this epic journey, and that like quicksand, fighting the chaos will only make us sink deeper.

We hit the road this Friday!

We are about to hit the road for three glorious weeks. Dates are listed below.

Ah, the road! Where showers are as rare as a Honus Wagner baseball card. Where sleep is as precious as unicorn tears. Where vegetables are as elusive as the Giant Squid.

Ah, the road! Like Steinbeck, Kerouac and Pee Wee Herman we take to the winding byways of this great nation, seeking a kaleidoscopic derangement of the senses.

Ah, the road! Where we’ll make new friends, learn life lessons, and write inarticulate postcards that we never send.

Of course we’ll be tour blogging, as always. Tune in here for daily sibling fight tallies, nutritional reports, intelligence leaks, brewing scandals, and more.

We can’t wait to see you all!

New single out today–“World Cup Fever 2010”. Download for free!

In anticipation of the return of the greatest sports event on the planet, we present “World Cup Fever 2010”. Written and recorded over the past week, it’s a love song to our favorite tournament of all time. It’s a FREE digi-single and it’s out now.

Download it here.

Check out the video below.

Like many people in the upcoming weeks, we’ll be waking up at 5 AM to scream at the television. If you’re not one of those people, we hope you can still enjoy this little ditty.

Upcoming west coast dates

We just wanted to drop you a line about some upcoming shows we’ll be playing…

First off, we’ve got the wonderful SF Popfest tomorrow night (Thursday, May 27) at the Rickshaw stop in San Francisco. We go on at 9:15, so get there early! There are four bands and a great DJ, so don’t miss out…and make sure to stick around the for the rest of the fest. There are a ton of great bands playing.

We’ve got some more west coast dates coming up in June, as well:
6/4 : San Diego, CA @ Tin Can Alehouse
6/5 : Los Angeles, CA @ La Cita (Hungry Beat! night)
6/28 : Portland, OR @ Doug Fir
6/29 : Seattle, WA @ Tractor Tavern

Our August US tour is almost set. We’ll be heading to the east coast and back. More details soon!

Thanks for listening. We hope to see some of you at the shows!

Reunited (and it feels so good)

We haven’t posted here in a while, so we’ve got some good updates…

We have been recently reunited. We tried to have a long-distance relationship, but we felt it was time to take the next step. Therefore, we are now all officially residents of the same fair city (San Francisco).

We are getting verrry close to being done with album #3. Jason Quever from Papercuts has been the man behind the music, working at Pan American Studios. We can’t wait to share it with you all.

Showtime! We’ll be playing some shows this spring, starting in Sacramento on the 26th. We had a wonderful time last time we were there–when we made some new friends and some locals fed us pizza. See you there, Sacto.

We’ve got a few other shows coming up this spring. Check the gigs page for more info.

Another Christmas At Home 7″ pre-order

UPDATE (11/24): The record is officially out today, and thus the pre-order is over. Thanks to everyone who placed an order! There are still some copies left, so get your orders in soon. If mp3s are your thing, the single is now available at all of your favorite online retailers.

We’re very excited to bring you the latest in Eux Autres Eux-mas madness! Our new 7″ Another Christmas At Home will hit the streets on November 24, but you can order yours now. There are only 250 copies of available, so be sure to get one early. This is the first time our Christmas song will be available on vinyl, and we’re throwing in our version of Slade’s classic “Merry Xmas Everybody” (previously only available on the out of print CD from 2006), as well as a brand new cover of The Jacobites’ “Teenage Christmas on the b-side. The single is pressed on beautiful red vinyl, and the silkscreened sleeves were created by Nicholas. To sweeten the deal, the first 25 pre-orders receive a very special Eux-mas gift–custom Lego band members. Who doesn’t love lego people? With each 7″, you get little toy figures of Heather & Nicholas (sorry, no Yoshi figure. He didn’t play on this record and was being shy about becoming a Lego man. Maybe next year).

Order yours soon…the pre-order freebies went very quickly last time. As usual, all copies come with download codes for mp3s of the songs.

Check out all the artwork below. And then go listen to the single streaming online.

7" PRE-ORDER – $5.00. Select shipping destination

another xmas packaging

another xmas packaging

Hell Is Eux Autres back in stock

We thought copies of this CD were completely gone, but we found another box of them hidden away…and they’re the nicer second pressing, containing a foldout book with lyrics. Head over to the shop to pick up a copy.