Eux Autres write smart, infectious garage-pop that makes you feel as if you’re simultaneously cartwheeling down a beach, singing by the fire in a mountain cabin, blowing out the candles on a cake, and eavesdropping on the elusive neighbors. If the Field Mice met Black Flag in a dark alley and teleported them to a Francoise Hardy show, the songs they’d be humming together on the drive home might sound something like Eux Autres.

Eux Autres originally consisted of brother and sister Heather and Nicholas Larimer. Heather played drums, Nicholas played guitar, and they both sang. In 2008, Eux Autres added drummer Yoshi Nakamoto (The Aislers Set) in order to expand their sound and referee their fights.

Eux Autres’ debut 7″ was released in 2003, and their first full-length CD, Hell Is Eux Autres, recorded by Jeff Stuart Saltzman and Janet Weiss (Wild Flag/Sleater-Kinney), was self-released in 2004. The band’s second album, Cold City, was released in 2007 on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (Athens, GA). Three singles and an EP followed in 2008 and 2009. In November 2010 Eux Autres put out their third album, Broken Bow, which was recorded by Jason Quever (Papercuts), and followed by a west coast tour with Wild Flag and a three week tour of Europe. Quever returned to record the band’s next EP, Sun Is Sunk, in 2012.