Hahvahd Yahd

8/19/10 – Boston, MA

After eating our hard-won pizza a little too fast, we head out for Boston, saying goodbye to Alice. The drive is unevenful, like a good drive should actually be.

We load into the club, Great Scott, which feels so distinctly Boston. It turns out a fairy godfather named Michael has prepurchased 8 drinks for the band and already paid the tip. The bartender tells us this has never happened before. We are thrilled.

It’s another fantastic bill, and I meet some great people. A fan from Portland who’s been trying to catch us for years and Jon Bernhardt, who will be hosting us for a radio session the next morning.

The show is so fun, the crowd so enthusiastic, it tops Brooklyn. It’s a wonderful feeling to think you’d already peaked and then to have something even better happen. Chez our friend The Darkness, I meet two adorable dogs who snuggle me to sleep. Life is good.


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