The indices


As today is a day off (already), we are introducing a new feature called the Tour Index. It will be a recurring feature, the frequency of which is impossible to predict at this moment. Regardless, this innovation will change the world.

TOUR INDEX (retroactive) – August 7, 2010

Number of girls at our show a Soda Bar patron named Rob told Yoshi he’d “mentally inseminated” already: 2

Percentage of Eux Autres guest list that vomited between the hours of midnight and one AM: 40%

Number of eggs thrown at band after show: 1

Times Katie Perry / Snoop Dogg’s “California Gurls” came on the car radio: 5

Average length of unicorn puppet shows performed by Heather while filming herself doing so: 42 seconds

Hours of backseat naps Yoshi logged: 5.3

Times the “code of the road” invoked: 8

Camouflage sleeping bags purchased: 1


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